On Sun, 29 Aug 2021 at 18:13, Jon Steinhart <jon@fourwinds.com> wrote:
I recently upgraded my machines to fc34.  I just did a stock
uncomplicated installation using the defaults and it failed miserably.

Fc34 uses btrfs as the default filesystem so I thought that I'd give it
a try.

... cut out a lot about how no sane person would want to use btrfs ...

Or, as Saturday Night Live might put it:  And now, linux, starring the
not ready for prime time filesystem.  Seems like something that's been
under development for around 15 years should be in better shape.

To my way of thinking this isn't a Linux problem, or even a btrfs problem, it's a Fedora problem.  They're the ones who decided to switch their default filesystem to something that clearly isn't ready for prime time.