Another debate at the time was caused by a disagreement between pcc and cc regarding enums: are they a type or just a way to declare constant? I remember getting annoyed by pcc not letting me declare a constant with an enum and use it as an int. I protested to scj and dmr and after some to-ing and fro-ing Steve changed pcc to treat them as constants.

Not sure it was the right decision, but C desperately wanted a non-macro way to define a constant. I'd probably argue the same way today. The real lesson is how propinquity affects progress.


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The ability to call a function pointer fp with the syntax fp() rather than (*fp)() came rather late, I think at Bjarne's suggestion or example. Pretty sure it was not in v7 C, as you observe.

Convenient though the shorthand may be, it always bothered me as inconsistent and misleading. (I am pretty sure I used it sometimes regardless.)


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This doesn’t like the function pointer.

$ cc -c choparg.c
choparg.c:11: Call of non-function



We have a winner!

Also, Kartik, dunno where it is on the net, but if you install a v7 system, /usr/src/cmd/c