On 2/3/2021 8:33 PM, Larry McVoy wrote:
The 68K always reminded me of the VAX.
I'm not sure if that is a compliment or not.

Neither, more of an observation than anything.

Post/pre decrement/increment, 32-bit everything, it was an easy move, mentally, from VAX to 68K. I cut my teeth on a PDP-10, but also VAX, and a sprinkling of microprocessors such as the 8080, Z80, 6502 and of course, 8088/86.

Back around the mid 80's, a friend and I built a 68020 prototype computer from spare parts, all wire-wrapped, fast static RAM (it was free), and I wrote a cross-assembler in C (on a 80386 PC) and we went to town. And then, as they say, life happened. It was much easier to get access to, or take home, powerful enough computers that we didn't need to build our own. My friend still has the thing. I still have the cross-assembler too, but sadly no actual code I wrote at the time. It would have been worth a laugh or two ;)

I still have a Sun 3/280 laying around here somewhere...

art k.