My UNIX/32V manual, from Berkeley, bears the date "December, 1978" on the cover. I've hand-written "Unix/32V" on it.

The 32V archive on minnie.tuhs.org bears the date "February, 1979" in /usr/man/man0/title.

The text of the cover sheets is somewhat different.  My copy is "UNIX PROGRAMMER'S MANUAL / Seventh Edition / VAX-11 Version" compared to TUHS "UNIX/32V PROGRAMMER'S MANUAL / Version 1.0".

I also note there is no pg.c in the 3BSD distribution.

It seems likely that what Berkeley based 3BSD on was a prerelease of UNIX/32V, prior to the "official" 1.0 version, and what while pg.c was written in November, it didn't make it onto the tape we got at Berkeley.

Imagine if pg.c had been on that tape! more might never have been written. (Of course, we all read TFM, so we might have missed the source code all by its lonesome.)

    Mary Ann

On 6/15/20 1:19 PM, Greg A. Woods wrote:
My 32V manual does not include pg.

We got UNIX/32V at Berkeley shortly after we got our Vax and decided
we didn't like VMS. Early 1979, I think. If it had had pg, Eric
probably wouldn't have written more.

So if there was a pg in 32V, it must have been added later.
There is a /usr/src/cmd/pg.c and /usr/bin/pg binary in Unix-32V, but no
manual page.  The pg.c I've seen has the date Nov. 5, 1978.