2BSD was the BSD for V7.  It was >>not<< a 'distro' as 3.0 and later 2.XBSD became.   It is just a set of programs and kernel patches that were built up at UCB.  This was the way different sites released things in those days.  The "read me" files should tell you what is there and you pick the binaries (if you have them)  and install them as is and/or recompile from the makefiles on a case by case basis.  


On Sat, Jul 25, 2020 at 10:35 AM Will Senn <will.senn@gmail.com> wrote:
On another front. I know I've asked this before in v6, and possibly related to v7, but I can't find the notes anywhere. vi doesn't come with v7. So, has anybody put it on v7 in simh? I saw a thread sometime back where vi on v7 wasn't the main topic, where Warren? I think it was, said he'd done it and it was "easy." I don't suppose there are any notes laying around telling how this might be accomplished?

I do see vi in 2bsd.tar, I don't suppose there is a  'how to install 2bsd on v7" note around either?


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