On Mon, Jun 15, 2020 at 10:15 AM Mary Ann Horton <mah@mhorton.net> wrote:

Hmm. Clem has a far richer recollection than I do. I don't recall Dan's version, but I defer to Clem.

I do have a vague recollection of a program called cr3 intended to mimic the tty driver thing. Perhaps that was Dan's version.

You know, indeed it might have been called cr3 originally.   We used it for such a short time.  I just remember we had something that was an alternative to pg(1), there was something different about it, maybe it better used the try driver's canonical modes, I really don't remember.  I do remember when the TERMCAP based more(1) showed up, we all switched to it overnight. 

Funny, when Steve Zimmerman was at Masscomp, one of the things he did was put the ITS style 'more' into the TTY driver (along with Tenex style ^T), both of which  I loved having until I went to Stellar -- it was always on my list of things that would be cool.   But we had window managers by then, and we never thought adding more into the TTY driver it was worth it.   The truth is, either put it in the driver as a base feature so everything that runs gets support for it without having to remember to add it to the pipeline, or solves the problem more globally like a window manager does.    I can see good arguments to both schemes -- that later is a tad more elegant and see seems simpler / less complex (Doug's rules).  In fact, we have lived with that style of solution for years, but ... I still need to use more(1) even with a window manager/terminal emulator that allows me to scroll 'forever' [I don't need many of the features of less(1)], but something like p/pg/more does seem to be desirable.