On Sat, Dec 17, 2022, 1:28 AM David Arnold <davida@pobox.com> wrote:
I’m wondering if anyone here is able to assist …

tvtwm is Tom LaStrange’s modified version of the twm window manager: Tom’s Virtual TWM.  Somewhat unusually, tvtwm modelled the screen as a single large window and the display was a viewport that could be shifted around it, rather than the now-standard model of distinct virtual desktops.

I’m trying to rebuild the history of its releases.  I have the initial release, and the first 6 patches Tom published via comp.sources.x, the 7th patch from the X11R5 contrib tape, the 10th patch from the X11R6 contrib tape, the widely available patch 11, and an incomplete patch 12 via personal email from Chris Ross, who took over maintenance from Tom at some point.

Tom doesn't have anything from yhis time period....

So, I’m looking for patch 8 and/or patch 9 (either one would do, since I can reconstruct the other from what I have plus one).

I’ve failed to find either of them.  I’m not sure how they were distributed, and my searches have proven fruitless so far.

Does anyone here happen to have a trove of X11 window manager source code tucked away?

During this era there were a dozen or five Internet CDROM collections of sources, etc. You may have to scrounge them to find these... I'll see of any of my images have anything useful... but the initial search isn't looking great...


Thanks in advance,