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John P. Linderman wrote in
 |The tab/detab horse was still twitching, so I decided to beat it a little
 |Doug's claim that tabs saving space was an urban legend didn't ring true,
 |but betting again Doug is a good way to get poor quick. 
Not really.  I mean, i do not insist of this, but i looked at the
numbers.  And despite col(1) 2.36.2 giving the wrong line when
failing to dig a LATIN1 in UTF-8 (should be 7, gave 11), when
i sum up the total of 8: in an old project with tests,
documentation etc. here the output is 1044401.  This is without
generated data. 

I'm not certain what you are referring to by "Not Really". But there is a general issue about the ability of historical commands (like "ed") to properly handle unicode. I would expect that many early commands do very poorly. -- jpl