Very possible, I never saw the insides of theirs.    

On Fri, Jul 31, 2020 at 3:38 PM Lars Brinkhoff <> wrote:
Clem Cole wrote:
> Anyway, I'm pretty sure the [XGP] copies at Stanford (Jan '73), and
> MIT (was the 3rd in the series and a little later) also used 11/20s or
> maybe 11/15's which was the OEM version of the 20 as it was March '72
> when the CMU XGP was first stood up.

Thank you.  That's one more "vote" in favour of 11/20.  In which case
the TV-11 ought to be an 11/10 which was our original guess.  I don't
think it matters to the software; it should run just as well on either

I have seen MIT files which describe the Stanford hardware, so it seems
their inspiration came from there.  The earliest timestamp is from
February 1973.

I got the impression the Stanford XGP had a PDP-6/10 IO bus interface
rather than going through a PDP-11.  I'm CC'ing Bruce Baumgart.