What is the Web?

What is the Web?

Taken from the web FAQ

The WorldWide Web project, started by CERN, seeks to build a distributed hypermedia system.

To access the web, you run a browser, which displays local documents, and can fetch documents from other sources. Remote servers make documents available.

The browsers can also access files by FTP, gopher and many other methods. If a document server has search capabilities, the browsers will permit searches of documents and databases.

Web documents are hypertext documents: text with pointers to other text. These pointers can point to any other web document, even remote documents.

Hypermedia is a superset of hypertext - graphics, sound, animation. The web is exstensible; new document types can be added.

Naming a document

Each document on the web has a unique name, its Uniform Resource Locator. Examples are:


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