RBCC: A Rate-based Congestion Control Scheme

for Packet Switched Networks

W. Toomey

School of Computer Science
University College
The University of New South Wales
Australian Defence Force Academy
Canberra, ACT


Congestion control schemes in packet switched networks have usually involved changes in transport layer window sizes (TCP, TP4), feedback of congestion indicators to transport layers (DecBit, Q-Bit, RED), heuristics for output queue reordering (Fair Queueing) or heuristics for packet dropping (Random Drop). This paper diverges from these paradigms by proposing a network layer-based congestion control scheme that calculates a near-optimal rate for all packet sources, and a rate-based transport protocol which uses this rate information in its flow control. The rate-based congestion scheme is compared against TCP Reno's end-to-end flow control in a simulated network scenario, and the results are examined in detail.

Warren Toomey, email: wkt@cs.adfa.edu.au

Warren Toomey
Fri Mar 15 10:43:33 EST 1996