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When the Protocol Id field is 0 (PR_BCAST) and the Address Type field is 1 (AD_BEACON), the packet contains the sender's amateur callsign and the BBS broadcast data, for example: VK1BBS: Mail for VK1XWT, VK1OK, VK1KCM. The format of the packet is as follows:

Figure : Broadcasting Textual Information

The packet has no destination address; it is implicit that the packet is to be received by all stations, and hence the destination address is non-existent. The Checksum field is 2 octets in length and is calculated as per the checksum in PR_IP.

The actual textual information to be broadcasted comes between the Callsign and the CRC. Figure 12 shows how a PR_BCAST/AD_BEACONpacket would look like.

Figure : Broadcasting Textual Information
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