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Limitations And Disadvantages Of TCP/IP Over DUAL

It should also be obvious that a community must choose an adequate size for the link addresses used, so as to distinguish between all nodes on the link. For example, if the link only had nodes with the IP addresses 44.A.B.zzz, where A and B were constant, then AD_1IPaddresses would be adequate to distinguish all nodes. However, if nodes with both 44.A.B.zzz and 44.A.C.zzz used the same link, then addresses of at least size AD_2IPshould be used.

No amateur radio callsigns are transmitted as part of TCP/IP transmission. This makes packets smaller, but contravenes amateur radio regulations in most countries. Section 10 addresses this deficiency.

The largest omission is that of routing. DUAL performs no routing whatsoever. DUAL believes that the given link is a broadcast link, and all stations on the link can be reached. In many (if not all) situations, this is not the case. We believe that this problem can be solved via appropriate IP netmasks and routing protocols at the network level (i.e at IP).
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