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Asynchronous Frame Format

The ``asynchronous packet protocol'' spoken between the host and TNC is very simple, since its only function is to delimit frames. Each frame is both preceded and followed by a special FEND (Frame End) character, analogous to an HDLC flag. No CRC or checksum is provided. In addition, no RS-232C handshaking signals are employed. The special characters are:

The reason for both preceding and ending frames with FENDs is to improve performance when there is noise on the asynch line. The FEND at the beginning of a frame serves to ``flush out'' any accumulated garbage into a separate frame (which will be discarded by the upper layer protocol) instead of sticking it on the front of an otherwise good frame. As with back-to-back flags in HDLC, two FEND characters in a row should not be interpreted as delimiting an empty frame.

Frames are sent in 8-bit binary; the asynchronous link is set to 8 data bits, 1 stop bit, and no parity. If a FEND ever appears in the data, it is translated into the two byte sequence FESC TFEND (Frame Escape, Transposed Frame End). Likewise, if the FESC character ever appears in the user data, it is replaced with the two character sequence FESC TFESC (Frame Escape, Transposed Frame Escape).

This procedure may seem somewhat complicated, but it is easy to implement and recovers quickly from errors. In particular, the FEND character is never sent over the channel except as an actual end-of-frame indication. This ensures that any intact frame (properly delimited by FEND characters) will always be received properly regardless of the starting state of the receiver or corruption of the preceding frame.

This asynchronous framing protocol is identical to SLIP (Serial Line IP), a method for sending ARPA IP datagrams across asynchronous links, except that the first byte of each asynchronous frame between host and TNC is a ``type'' indicator, describe below.

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