This research was supported in part by ATERB grant N033/011 1992/1993

Neither AX.25 nor Netrom-style functionality are yet designed, and we have no plans to design this functionality at this stage.

Collision detection and recovery is the responsibility of the MAC layer below DUAL.

We will not give full TCP/IP/DUAL packet contents here, but only the details of the DUAL fields.

We can only recommend a character set and a subset of characters to use in English speaking countries. Other amateur services can make their own recommendations.

For more detail discussion about this matter, see [Jacobson 90].

An UNCOMPRESSED_TCPpacket is identical to the original IP packet execpt the IP protocol field is replaced with a connection number, an index into the array of saved, per-connection packet headers. This is how sender (re-)synchronizes the receiver.

The sending TCP will eventually time out when no ACK arrives.

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