The KuangPlus System Configuration Checker

KuangPlus is a platform-independent system configuration checking tool whose main aim is to find security weaknesses in your computing system. Unlike earlier systems like Kuang, KuangPlus can download new rules from trusted sources over an untrusted link. This allows the system to detect newly-discovered security flaws with little or no manual intervention.

At this stage, KuangPlus has been prototyped as part of a Masters project at ADFA by Jeff Howard. We would appreciate your feedback on the functionality that KuangPlus should have, and the design of the system itself. We could also do with some rules for the system, too!

Recent Stuff

Jeff Howard's KuangPlus Prototype

Here is the source code that Jeff developed. Please read his project report for details.

Jeff Howard's Project Report on KuangPlus

Here is Jeff's project report on the implementation of the KuangPlus in various formats. I'd recommend the RTF one, as the conversions didn't come out as well as I'd liked.

Original Design and Notes

Here are some of our original design ideas from before Jeff commenced work on the prototype.

Warren Toomey