DOS 3.3 Disk with Apl2serial Client Source Code

The file client_src.dsk is a DOS 3.3 disk image which contains the Lisa assembler, the assembly code and binaries for the Apl2serial clients. You should find:

A 011 HELLO  
B 002 LISA V2.5 Lisa Assembler
B 058 ASM.CODE and associated files
B 050 ASM.CODE.1  
B 016 ASM.CODE.2  
L 006 APL9600BOOT.SRC Short bootstrap source
B 002 APL2BOOT and binary
L 014 SERIAL9.SRC Full Apl2client, v1.9
B 003 APL2CLIENT and binary
L 013 APL2DUMP.SRC Assembly code for nibble dump
B 002 APL2DUMP and binary
A 004 NIBDUMP Main NIBDUMP program
B 063 FILER Normal DOS 3.3 FILER
B 034 LOCKY6 Locksmith 6.0 disk copier
B 003 SPL.M Speedload DOS patches
T 002 SPL and EXEC script to load
B 003 DOS.M Original DOS 3.3 patches
T 002 DOS and EXEC script to load
A 018 DISK TEST and some other misc. stuff
B 003 MINI-ASSEMBLER ($5400)  

The HELLO program loads the Apl2client into memory and patches DOS 3.3 to use it. HELLO also allows you to run the Lisa assembler, the NIBDUMP program, FILER, LOCKY6, the DISK TEST, and to install the Speedload DOS patches.

When you run NIBDUMP, you are asked for the slot and drive number of the disk to copy in nibble form. You are also asked to specify the remote slot and drive number on the server. It takes several minutes to send the disk in nibble form.

Note also that the server detects nibble transfers, and names the disk images with a .nib suffix. There is no restriction on slot number either: you can specify remote slots 0 to 7. Thus, you can send up to 16 nibble disk images in one session, and these won't affect your normal .dsk images.

Warren Toomey